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This album was released in 1996 and is a sort of a transition album for Allison between "Maggie's Farm" and her career as a solo artist. The tracks are a mixture of "Maggie's Farm" musicians (with whom Allison remains friends) and elements of the crew you'll find on "A Thousand Ways to Fall".

We're offering it to you here for free as an Allison appetizer. Take all or some of the tracks. We hope you'll like it enough to take a chance on her new cd. If not it's as free to delete as it is to download. Enjoy!

Ghosts Never Die
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Hidden by Years MP3
Teach Me About Love
His Side of the Story MP3
The Kindness of Strangers MP3
Living in Poverty MP3
Next Time MP3
How Do You See Me MP3
When Winter Comes MP3
Bitter End MP3

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