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06/01 How Do You Spell Entertainment?

01/01 A Farewell to Butts

10/00 Olympic Meddle

09/00 "Why Am I Here?"

Ron Shock
Ron was one of the original "Texas Outlaw Comics" along with the likes of Sam Kinnison and Bill Hicks. He appeared on Carson's "Tonight Show" and is a good friend of Stinkburger. Here's a cut from his Stand-up CD "You're Gonna Die Anyway"
".22 Caliber Rifle" MP3/Real
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Chris Bliss
You know Chris Bliss from his other Stinkburger contributions. Here's a bit (one that I wrote for him) from his CD "My Act With Your Eye's Closed".
"Electronic Freeways" MP3/Real
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Todd Thicke
s a television writer, Todd Thicke has been putting funny words in other people's mouths for a couple of decades. Now he turns his pen on himself in "The Daddification of Todd Thicke".

Paul Feig
The Emmy Nominated creator of "Freaks and Geeks" takes an aesthetic stand in "I Hate Bad Music".

Chris Bliss
Chris Bliss is a fantastic comic who is a veteran of seven "Tonight Show" appearances. His one-man play "I Was the World's Most Famous Juggler (and Other Dirty Laundry)" was Stinkburger's first theatrical production. Here, he laments one of the less satisfying aspects of stand-up life in "Lost At Sea".

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